Whole Family Therapy Program

At UCSF’s Whole Family Therapy Program, we understand that family is everything. When things don’t feel right at home, nothing feels right. While hardship and mental health challenges can put a strain on families, we know that with the right support, family bonds can be the most powerful asset to a child’s health and wellness.

You might consider taking a Whole Family approach if conflict seems to play out the same way day after day, you’re concerned about your child’s behavior, and feel at a loss for what to do. Or, if you and your co-parent can’t seem to get on the same page and typical parenting programs haven’t helped. We work with families with children of all ages, where one or more members have moderate to severe mental health challenges, may be experiencing life transitions, illness, or loss, and we have special expertise in helping families repair from traumatic events. We equip families with the tools they need to face any problem together.

Working with a Whole Family therapist will be active; your family will have new experiences together and take something meaningful from every session. We start with a comprehensive family assessment that informs treatment goals. A typical course of treatment involves 1-2 weekly sessions over a period of 6 months–1 year. We use empirically validated assessment tools to ensure we’re on track in making progress towards your goals.

Services provided in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin.

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  • San Francisco: UCSF Nancy Friend Pritzker Psychiatry Building – 675 18th Street (map)
  • Oakland: 770 53rd Street (map)

Please contact Program Director Sarah Crouch, PsyD, ([email protected]) to inquire about services at either location.