Education Subcommittee

Students and educators at a Diversity Celebration event

The primary purpose of the Diversity Committee’s Education Subcommittee is to facilitate, sponsor, and promote diversity-related programming to increase awareness of diversity and health equity among faculty, residents, interns, and staff in the department. The subcommittee fulfills this aim by sponsoring Grand Rounds events that increase awareness of diversity issues, sponsoring the annual Evelyn Lee Visiting Scholar Lectureship in Cultural Competence and Diversity, and disseminating information through the Diversity Committee's website to increase cultural competence in research and clinical practice.

Subcommittee members


Asale Hubbard, PhD


Sean Amegadzie, MD, MBA

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Giovany Desir


Jennifer Ly, PhD


Kate Margolis, PhD

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Carmen Masson, PhD


Peter Ureste, MD


Cultural Psychiatry Area of Distinction curriculum

The UCSF Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences has been a leader in cultural psychiatry education for several decades. Specifically, the UCSF Adult Psychiatry Residency Training Program has a Cultural Psychiatry Area of Distinction (AoD), which focuses on how to better serve underrepresented minorities. In addition, there are several clinical experiences where residents can gain expertise treating certain sub-populations, specifically women, LGBT, and minority populations via culturally focused teams. In addition, the UCSF School of Medicine has electives for medical students to gain exposure to cultural psychiatry.

Residency rotations with diversity emphasis

Clinical resources

The City and County of San Francisco has a rich network of resources for minority populations living in the Bay Area. A list of local clinics and service providers that focus on different sub-populations is provided below.

Asian populations

Disabled populations

Hispanic populations

LGBT populations


Consumer advocacy groups

There are two highly prominent consumer advocacy groups in San Francisco that could be of use to patients:

Other resources

Selected publications