Research Administration Support

DPBS Research leadership chart

Each principal investigator (PI) is assigned a central campus research services coordinator (RSC) who is the primary point of contact for the PI for Research Management Services (RMS). For proposals and awards, the RSCs are responsible for directing and managing the proposal process to ensure timely, compliant, and accurate submissions, including budget development, interpretation of sponsor requirements, institutional review, and signature. The RSC draws support from subject matter experts in Risk Management, Campus Counsel, Budget Office, Compliance Office and other research-related offices. Please see the Research Management Services (RMS) org chart. Team I is assigned to the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences.

Post-award research administration takes place on the Financial Services Team in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. Each financial analyst is assigned a PI portfolio and is the primary point of contact for the PI for post-award research management services. The financial analysts are responsible for award oversight, administration, reporting, and communication throughout the award lifecycle.

Processes and guidelines

Department research town halls

All UCSF Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences faculty, staff, and trainees are invited to join Vice Chair for Research Andrew Krystal and members of the research leadership team for one of their upcoming virtual town hall meetings to review and discuss updates concerning research throughout the department. Upcoming dates are:

  • Friday, Aug. 23, 2024

If you have any questions about the town halls or have something that you'd like to submit for the research leadership team to address, please send them to [email protected].

All town halls are recorded and posted on the department's intranet site (MyAccess login required) for later viewing.

Frequently asked questions

How do I identify funding opportunities? PI searches in Pivot or other sources for topics of interest
Who do I notify of my intent to submit a proposal? RSC, faculty mentor, vice chair for research
What if I am approached about making a donation/gift? Contact the UCSF Office of University Development and Alumni Relations (UDAR)
How do I know who is my financial analyst, for post-award support? If you are unsure, contact Richmond Castro.
How do I know who is my RSC (Research Services Coordinator) for pre-award support? If you are unsure, please contact Nina Mayo-Baylon
What if my proposed work involves human or animal subjects? PI obtains approvals from the UCSF Institutional Review Board (IRB) and/or Institutional Animal Care and Use Program (IACUC), if necessary
How do I develop a biosketch? Request PubMed Central Identifiers (PMCID) for publications, if applicable
Who develops my proposal budget? RSC, with input from the PI
What if I get an award notice directly from the sponsor? Forward it to [email protected]
Who sets up my award? RSC routes to Contracts and Grants Accounting
What if I need to re-budget my award? PI notifies financial analyst
What if I will have carry forward? PI notifies financial analyst
What if there is a change in personnel on the award? PI notifies financial analyst
What if I need a no-cost extension? PI notifies financial analyst
What if I need to transfer the award outside UCSF? PI notifies financial analyst
What if I want to transfer awards in? PI notifies RSC
Who is responsible for progress reports? For scientific progress reports, the RSC in collaboration with PI. For financial progress reports, the financial analyst.
How do I know what is an allowable expense? Contact your financial analyst
How do I hire personnel for my project? Email [email protected] to initiate a request
Who do I contact for my Other Support document? Email [email protected] to receive the latest OS file.

If you have a pre-award question not addressed here, please contact your RSC. If post-award, please contact your financial analyst. If related to research generally, please contact Molly Vitorte, PhD, or your deputy vice chair.