Insurance Authorizations

Unless you are paying privately, services have to be approved in advance by your insurance company. This is called pre-authorization. This complex process involves other professionals on the LPPHC staff who are clinicians that specialize in working with the insurance companies. At times, we need to have our physicians consult with the insurance company physicians to get continued authorization.

Initial pre-authorization happens on your first day. Insurance companies typically authorize a few days at a time, depending on your progress in the program. Because authorization is an ongoing, time-intensive process, there are several points to keep in mind:

  • Notices sent to you regarding days authorized, or the response to calls you make to your insurance company will almost invariably NOT provide the latest information, and will not reflect current authorizations in process.
  • At times, we will be unable to obtain additional authorizations even when we believe they are appropriate. In that situation, you have the option of paying out of pocket for additional days, or we will work with you to bring your participation to a close.

Please be patient with this process and trust that we are experienced and doing our best to ensure that the appropriate length of treatment is authorized.