Tourette's and Tic Disorders Clinic

Since 1983, the Tourette’s and Tic Disorders Clinic (TTDC) has provided a unique resource for patients and their families throughout the northwestern United States. Neuropsychiatrists, psychologists, clinical research personnel, and trainees from medical disciplines all work together to give our patients the most complete evaluation and treatment services available. The clinic’s consultative relationships with general pediatrics and pediatric neurology experts at UCSF allow us to draw on the expertise of these specialties when necessary. Working together, we are able to evaluate and diagnose tic movement disorders in patients of all ages, identify young individuals with early symptoms needing close observation and clarify issues of treatment specific to the stage of a patient’s growth and development.

A key feature of the TTDC is an approach that addresses the whole child, adolescent or adult patient, with careful attention paid to all aspects of medical, psychological, social, and emotional needs.

The clinic is directed by Thomas L. Lowe, MD, a nationally recognized expert on tic disorders. Drawing on the clinical, research, and training strengths of the Department of Psychiatry at UCSF, the TTDC provides the highest quality evaluation and care for patients of all ages.


The clinic provides initial evaluations, second opinions, and expert consultation for patients with tic movement disorders and associated conditions. These include attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

TTDC works to identify the best treatment options to minimize disruptions to the patient, the family, school, and social relationships. We provide extensive patient, parent, and family education about Tourette Syndrome, other tic movement disorders, and related conditions. This includes information about treatment options, medications, school interventions, and available community resources.

The clinic assists in referral back to local community practitioners for continued care when appropriate. Long term follow-up consultation is also available at the TTDC.


For an appointment please call (415) 476-7372.

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