How to Obtain Your Medical Records

Contact information

Mailing address:
Langley Porter Psychiatric Hospital
Attn: Medical Records
University of California, San Francisco
401 Parnassus Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94143

Phone: (415) 476-7776

To request billing records, call: (415) 476-7183.

Three ways to request medical records

Request records online

You can submit an online request for medical records. Once they are ready, simply download the records. Submit a request online now for Langley Porter Psychiatric Hospital, UCSF Medical Center, UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital San Francisco, or UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland.

Third party requests

If your insurance company, school, employer, or other third party needs information from your record, either verbally or written, such requests will require a valid written consent from you to release the information. To give this consent, complete the Authorization for Release of Medical and Mental Health Information Form and return to the address above.

It is preferable to let them request it directly as they can be more precise about what they need. The third party who has requested the information usually pays any charges for information furnished in this way.

Such requests will require a valid written consent from you to release the information. 

All requests must include:

  • Patient name and date of birth
  • Name of person or agency to receive the information
  • The specific information that is to be released
  • Uses for which it is being released
  • Any limitations you want to place on the release
  • A date when the authorization will expire
  • Your signature and date signed

Request by mail: Physical copies or access to view

All requests must be in writing; no telephone requests can be accepted. Your written request should be on the Langley Porter Request for Patient Access to Medical Record Form and returned to the above address or sent to the fax number above.

Please note: Any unsigned or incomplete requests will not be processed.

Frequently asked questions about obtaining medical records

What is meant by “inspection” and “summary”?

Inspection means that you can come to Langley Porter Psychiatric Hospital (LPPH) to review the record by appointment only. Review is limited to one hour and will be supervised by an LPPH employee during the appointment. If you have any questions during the inspection, the provider must answer them.

There are two alternatives to inspection: preparation of a summary or a verbal explanation of the care given to you. Before either of these alternatives is chosen, you must approve of the alternative and agree to pay any related fees associated with the alternative chosen.

How do I pay for my records?

We accept checks and cash.

Is there a charge for medical record copies?

There is a 25¢ copying fee per page, plus postage. We will send you an invoice by mail to let you know the total charge for providing copies of your medical records.

For purposes related to appealing a decision on eligibility from one of the following public benefit programs: (1) Medi-Cal and Social Security disability insurance benefits and (2) Supplemental Security Income/State Supplementary Program for the Aged, Blind and Disabled, the law allows you access to one free copy of the relevant portions of the medical record upon written request and proof that the records are needed to support an appeal.

How long will it take to fulfill my request?

Requests are processed within 15 business days of receipt.

Will you fax copies to my home or business?

No, due to confidentiality concerns, we cannot fax medical record copies.

Can I pick up copies of my medical record?

Yes. For your protection, we require picture identification before releasing your medical record copies. Please indicate on the authorization request that you would like to pick up your records in person.

Can my spouse request and receive copies of my medical records?

No. To protect your privacy, another person may not receive copies of your records without your written consent that authorizes UCSF Health to provide them with copies.