Division of Behavioral Health and Neuropsychology Services

Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital & Trauma Center
1001 Potrero Avenue, Box 0852
Building 20, Room 2127
San Francisco, CA 94110
Phone: (628) 206-3100
Fax: (628) 206-3822

Division Director: Christina Weyer-Jamora, PhD
Division Administrator: Rebecca Cook

The Division of Behavioral Health and Neuropsychology Services includes the Neuropsychology Service and the Primary Care Behavioral Health Team.

Neuropsychology Service

Program Director, Primary Care: Christina Weyer-Jamora, PhD

The Neuropsychology Service provides direct clinical service to Zuckerberg San Francisco General patients who are referred by their treating physician for inpatient or outpatient psychological and neuropsychological evaluations. Patient evaluations assist with determination of a neurological and psychiatric diagnosis, and help determine appropriate therapeutic, rehabilitative, remedial, and counseling strategies.

The Neuropsychology Service provides services in Cantonese, English, Spanish, and Vietnamese. Clinicians see many diverse behavioral and psychiatric conditions consistent with the Zuckerberg San Francisco General primary medical setting. We particularly provide specialized assessment of individuals with traumatic brain injury and dementia.

Services include:

  • Personality and or/neuropsychological evaluation
  • Diagnostic clarity
  • Consultation on treatment planning
  • Psychosocial evaluation
  • Treatment planning
  • Patient and family education

Primary Care Behavioral Health Team

Program Director, Primary Care: Christina Weyer-Jamora, PhD
Deputy Medical Director, Primary Care Psychiatry: Margo Pumar, MD

The Primary Care Behavioral Health Team serves medical clients with co-morbid behavioral and psychiatric issues in a primary care clinic setting. The team utilizes a collaborative care model that is designed to improve the quality, effectiveness, and efficiency of healthcare delivery while providing individualized psychosocial care to patients.

The Primary Care Behavioral Health Team is a multidisciplinary team of social workers, health workers, psychologists, and a psychiatrist. Team members provide consultation, diagnostic assessments, social service linkage/referral, and psychotherapeutic services for medical clients at the Richard Fine People’s Clinic and the Family Health Center, two primary care clinics located at Zuckerberg San Francisco General.

Services include:

  • Behavioral health and social service screenings in a primary care setting, with appropriate invention, treatment, referrals and linkage
  • Brief and targeted individual and group psychotherapy
  • Consultative psychiatric evaluations and medication recommendations
  • Consultations to primary care providers on patient behavioral and psychiatric needs
  • Risk assessments and immediate intervention for patients who are a danger to self or to others, gravely disabled, or who report child or elder abuse or neglect

In the culturally diverse San Francisco Bay Area, the Behavioral Health Team serves a wide-range of adult clients over the age of 18. The team provides initial assessments and community referrals for children and adolescents at the Family Health Center clinic.