Research Cores

To facilitate mental health research within the Department of Psychiatry and across UCSF, the department is currently developing a number of research cores to serve as resources for current and prospective researchers. While additional research cores are still being formed, two cores are now available to provide services. 

Digital Health Core

The UCSF Digital Health Core (DHC) offers consultation support for UCSF researchers and clinicians interested in advancing mental health through technology. Led by directors Danielle Schlosser, PhD, and Joaquin A. Anguera, PhD, in partnership with the UCSF Center for Digital Health Innovation (CDHI) and the UCSF Information Services Unit (ISU), the DHC seeks to support new and ongoing research projects by offering technical insights into feasibility, as well as facilitating collaboration by connecting researchers with colleagues and industry partners.

The DHC is already involved with nearly a dozen projects and anticipates being able to fund 1-2 additional digital mental health projects during the Resource Allocation Program (RAP)’s Spring 2016 cycle. For more information or to contact the DHC team about possible collaborations, visit

Mental Health Biostats Core

Launched in 2015, the UCSF Mental Health Biostats Core provides consultative services for Department of Psychiatry trainees and faculty members conducting research. Senior faculty members with statistical and methodological expertise are on hand to lend assistance with issues such as:

  • Designing a new research study
  • Collecting pilot data for a grant
  • Submitting a human subjects application
  • Developing a data collection of management plan
  • Determining the appropriate form of data analysis
  • Interpreting study results
  • Performing power or sample size calculations
  • Responding to biostatistical reviews

To set up an appointment, faculty members and trainees should contact the consultant at their site: