Path Program

The UCSF Path Program (formerly the Early Psychosis Program) is a strength-based comprehensive treatment program for young people and their families who are experiencing a first episode of psychosis. We are focused on empowering, educating, and fostering independence in the recovery process based on resiliency and social skill building in a collaborative treatment team setting.

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"Hope - Path to Tomorrow"  |  Artwork by Robie Benve


What is psychosis?

  • Positive symptoms: delusions, hallucinations, disorganized thinking, behavior, emotions, and communication
  • Negative symptoms: lack of motivation, lack of being able to feel pleasure, low energy, decreased expressiveness, social withdrawal
  • Cognitive symptoms: poor attention, memory problems, poor problem solving, poor social cognition, decreased processing speed

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Services we offer

  • Individual therapy using CBTp (cognitive behavioral therapy for psychosis)
  • Individualized resiliency training
  • Ongoing family support, education, and case management
  • Supportive employment and education
  • Multi-family groups
  • CBT social skills groups
  • Medication management

Path team

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Questions? Interested in scheduling an appointment?

Please contact Intake Coordinator Itzel Lopez, LMFT, at (415) 476-7278 or [email protected].

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