LPPHC Patient Care and Financial Resources

Our mission at Langley Porter Psychiatric Hospital and Clinics (LPPHC) is to provide effective, compassionate, and professional mental health care for our patients. The resources below are provided to help answer commonly asked questions from patients and caregivers.

LPPHC patient care information

LPPHC wants to ensure that your experience here is an outstanding one. Our staff are available to help you reach a resolution for any concerns and provide more information about our policies and practices.

Clinical fees

A list of fees representative of services provided to the majority of patients.

Using insurance

LPPHC is a contracted provider with many major health insurance and managed mental health companies., but health insurance policies vary in what they provide or cover.

Financial need discounts

Discounted services are offered at LPPHC for patients that meet certain financial and coverage criteria.

Medical records

Various state and federal laws allow patients in California to have direct access to their medical record information, either by inspection, obtaining copies, or receiving a summary of their care.

Hours and holidays

Operating hours for inpatient, outpatient, and patient care services.

Crisis standards of care

The UC Bioethics Working Group developed these guidelines carefully but expeditiously in the spring of 2020, given concerns for the potentially severe shortage of ventilators and other resources during the COVID-19 pandemic.