Financial Need Discounts for Patients at LPPH

Discounted services are offered at Langley Porter Psychiatric Hospital (LPPH) for:

  • Patients with no insurance
  • Patients ineligible for state for federal aid programs
  • Patients without mental health benefits
  • Patients who are paying more than 10% of their income towards health care costs

Below is a selection of frequently asked questions concerning financial need discounts for patients.

What is the discounted amount?

  • All outpatient self-pay patients receive a 40% discount on all fees.
  • All inpatient, partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient patients receive a 30% discount on all fees.
  • Depending on income, patients may qualify for further reductions under our financial need policy.

How does a patient qualify for financial need?

  • Qualifying is based on your total income, and in some cases, a patient's liquid assets.
  • Patients must complete the financial need application and provide supporting documentation for all self-reported income and monthly expenses.
  • Annual income lowers than 350% of the federal poverty level for the current year will result in approval in most cases.

How will this information be maintained and who will have access to my information?

  • All personal financial information will be maintained only in our Financial Counseling Office.
  • Information is secured in a locked file and no copies are made.
  • Applications will not be shared with your clinician or other departments at UCSF.
  • Information will not be forwarded to any credit or collection companies.
  • Information will not appear in your medical record.
  • Information collected will be used only to evaluate your eligibility for discounted services.

How can a patient receive an application for financial need?

How long will the process take?

  • Once we receive your application, the review process takes approximately five business days.
  • You will be notified of the outcome of the review.

For questions or concerns about credit counseling services:

  • Visit the Federal Trade Commission website at
  • Call the Federal Trade Commission's toll-free hotline at (877) 382-4357.

Last revision: June 3, 2019