Mentoring Team

Each scholar is individually supported by an assigned mentorship team including three mentors:

  • CTN mentor: a leading researcher in the CTN node with whom the scholar will be associated and will meet with the scholar weekly in person.
  • UCSF mentor: will meet quarterly with the CTN mentor, scholar, or both to identify the scholar’s potential needs and difficulties that have not been addressed either by the program or the CTN mentor. In addition, one national stature minority advisor will be assigned to each scholar and will serve as a role model for success as an NIH minority scientist, and will provide guidance from the perspective of a racial/ethnic minority scientist.
  • Minority advisor: also provides connection to relevant NIH offices (e.g., NIDA Office of Diversity and Health Disparities) and networking for training, scientific, and leadership opportunities specifically intended to support development of minority researchers. The national stature minority advisor will meet with each scholar quarterly. In addition, the minority advisor will participate in meetings with members of the Training Committee and mentorship team to discuss each scholar’s progress in the program.

In summary, the CTN mentor has overall responsibility for training experiences; the UCSF mentor coordinates trainee needs with respect to the research education program, and the national minority advisor offers guidance specifically with respect to the development of minority scientists.

Mentoring diagram