Intensive Family Therapy

The Intensive Family Therapy (IFT) Program is designed to serve children, adolescents, young adults, and their families, who are experiencing difficult challenges that may be interfering with school or work performance, life at home, health and safety, or community functioning. The goal of IFT is to help families feel more connected and cohesive, and to better balance multiple and overwhelming stressors. The overall goal is to help parents/caregivers and their children to regain hope while supporting successful family growth and development.


IFT uses a brief/focused empirically driven approach to target family problems that have disrupted growth and development, as well as family cohesion. Every family works individually with an experienced family therapist to identify goals and collaboratively facilitate healing. Families are typically seen one to two times weekly with an understanding that sometimes families need urgent help.

Unique to the IFT model is our use of reflecting teams. Reflecting teams involve a team of family experts who consult with the family to discuss the course of treatment and insure that all voices and perspectives are integrated into solving the problem.

The IFT clinic is appropriate for families dealing with life-cycle challenges, such as divorce, separation, illness, loss, trauma and/or remarriage that are contributing to depression, self-harm, aggression, eating disorders, substance abuse, suicidality, truancy, oppositional behavior, and family conflict.


If you think your family would benefit from IFT, please contact our intake coordinator Izzy Lopez, LMFT, at (415) 476-7679 for referral information.

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