Early Psychosis Clinic

The Early Psychosis Clinic is an evaluation and consultation resource for individuals ages 12-35 who are struggling with the early signs of chronic psychosis or who are at risk for the development of chronic psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder, as well as psychiatrists and other mental health professionals who are treating such persons. Our clinical staff work closely with researchers who provide cutting edge treatments for these disorders and focus referrals on evidence-based treatments such as conservative medication management, cognitive-behavioral therapy and family groups. The clinic is also an important educational site for UCSF trainees. Demian Rose, MD, PhD, is the clinic director.


Psychiatric evaluations and consultations

Referred individuals are seen by an attending psychiatrist and, usually, a psychiatric trainee or medical student. These consultations are 90 minutes in length. We will document diagnostic impressions and treatment recommendations for use by a referring psychiatrist. If indicated, we will also schedule a follow-up session to help insure that our clients are able to navigate the mental health care system. We may also make referral recommendations within Langley Porter Psychiatric Hospital & Clinics or to the community.

Education and feedback

We also provide brief psychotherapeutic services to those who are not seeking treatment recommendations and/or do not wish to engage in formal treatment, or to family members or friends of persons suffering from psychosis. Our clinical staff provides education and individualized feedback in a psychotherapy setting for those who wish to learn more about psychosis, its diagnosis and treatment, as well as unique issues of which to be aware.


Individuals may refer themselves or be referred by their clinician. For an appointment, please contact Intake Coordinator Itzel Lopez, MFTI, at (415) 476-7278 or itzel.lopez@ucsf.edu.

For more information about our research programs or educational services, please contact Recovery Services Director Gabriella Moreno, LCSW, at (415) 476-7512 or gabriella.moreno@ucsf.edu.

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