Finding a Mentor

To be matched as a mentor or mentee, or for more information,
contact the deputy facilitator at your site.

Laurel Heights Deputy Facilitator:

Elissa Epel, PhD
(415) 476-7648

LPPI Deputy Facilitators:

Patricia Areán, PhD
(415) 476-7817

Descartes Li, MD
(415) 476-7448

Mission Bay Deputy Facilitator:

John Rubenstein, MD, PhD
(415) 476-7862

SFGH Deputy Facilitators

Valerie Gruber, PhD, MPH
(415) 206-3943

Lee Rawitscher, MD
(415) 206-6335

VA Deputy Facilitators:

Deborah E. Barnes, PhD, MPH
(415) 221-4810 ext. 4221

Rob Daroff, Jr., MD
(415) 221-4810 ext. 4366


Leadership in research, education, psychiatric care and public service