FAQs About Mentoring at UCSF

  • What is UCSF's mission regarding mentoring?
    UCSF's goal is to make sure all junior and new faculty have access to career mentor who can provide advice and guidance on academic advancement at UCSF.

  • How often should mentor pairs meet?
    At least twice a year.

  • What should we be meeting about?
    You should use this opportunity to review your CV, make short term career goals, and any other opportunities that come your way but you are uncertain you should take.

  • Can I have more than one mentor?
    Yes, you can have more than one, in fact we recommend it. However, we request that one be designated as your official career mentor, for record keeping purposes.

  • If I am having trouble finding a mentor or mentee,
    whom do I contact for help?
    Please contact Rachel Loewy at rloewy@lppi.ucsf.edu.
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