Recruitment and Retention of Underrepresented Postdoctoral Fellows  

UCSF Alliance for Graduate Education and Professoriate (AGEP) Postdoc Bootcamp  Every summer, UCSF holds a two day boot camp for underrepresented minority (URM), disabled and disadvantaged graduate students. This boot camp introduces prospective fellows to the different postdoctoral fellowship programs at UCSF and gives them an overview of the postdoctoral experience at UCSF.

UCSF Diversity Outreach Program UCSF has funding for specific outreach to medical students, residents, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows. This program sends representatives from UCSF to universities with large proportions of URM or who provide educational opportunities for students with disabilities for purposes of recruitment and provides information about the various programs at UCSF, including the CSRTP fellowship. 

UC AGEP Outreach and Recruitment The University of California’s Alliance for Graduate Education and the Professoriate (UC AGEP) is a  partnership among the ten campuses of the University of California and the National Science Foundation (NSF). The goal of this partnership is to increase the number of URM students who acquire doctoral degrees in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), and ultimately enter the professoriate. To achieve this goal, UC AGEP has created a structured series of program initiatives that span the pathway to the professoriate. Through the program’s efforts at dissemination, summer research programs, pre-application events, such as the Berkeley Edge Conference and the UCSF Health Sciences Research Colloquia targeting URM, disadvantaged and disabled students, we will be able to identify early a pool of applicants during their graduate training who may be eligible to apply to the clinical services research program. Additionally, UC has a formal partnership with Historically Black Colleges and Universities, and the California State University programs (which have large proportions of URM students), in which faculty partner with these universities to identify top-notch URM students to recruit to graduate and postdoctoral program in the UC system. UCSF in particular has successfully utilized these UC resources: In 2001, UCSF accepted 90% of URM students interviewed; 50% of accepted students enrolled. Our success in recruiting URM students into the CSR program in the last 10 tears (50% of the postdoctoral fellows) mirrors this success.

Opportunities for campus visits will increase the number of URM students who matriculate at UC, by ensuring applicants are well acquainted with prospective department faculty and resources. Accordingly, four campuses will use UC AGEP funds to provide opportunities for admitted URM students to visit a campus before accepting offers of admission. The “Preapplication Review and Recruitment” (PARR) program will: (1) improve the admissions-process experience for URM students through increased communication with applicants; (2) ensure that sufficient contact by faculty is made with applicants, especially those who have had no prior (or minimal) contact with UCSF; and (3) guarantee that every qualified URM applicant has an opportunity to visit UCSF. UCSF AGEP staff will help facilitate a correspondence between applicants and prospective peer mentors in their department/program. In addition, prospective students may be offered a place in a pre-enrollment summer admissions program as an incentive for matriculating at UCSF. On the Department level, the PARR program will conduct follow-up interviews with applicants and faculty admissions committees at the end of the process to determine the most important factors in applicant decision-making. This information will be disseminated to the faculty. The program will leverage the capabilities of the UCSF Student database to identify all URM applicants to UCSF PhD programs and track each step of their progress through the graduate application process.


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