Disabled Student Services

Disabled Student Services Program This program provides services to ensure that students with disabilities can achieve their career goals while at UCSF. Services and programs include: 

The Learning Disabilities Program UCSF offers assistance to students with information processing disorders. This is in the form of individualized tutoring, support and organization.

Mobility Assistance
Students with permanent and temporary mobility impairments can obtain a Disabled Student Parking Permit. Students with permanent disabilities who are in possession of a California Department of Motor Vehicles Disabled Person Parking Plate or Placard are eligible for the UCSF Disabled Student Parking Permit. Students with temporary disabilities must have documentation from a physician which describes the medical problem and includes an end date. 

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program
In order to have access to classroom information, deaf students at UCSF have traditionally used sign language interpreters, real time captioners, and notetaker services. Students who are hard of hearing may benefit from assistive listening devices and notetakers. The OSL Executive Director will work closely with faculty and staff to orient them about how all these services function.

Students with disabilities, such as those with sensory, manual dexterity or auditory processing deficits, may require notetaking assistance to compensate for their specific disability. Notetakers are students enrolled in the same class who are paid by the OSL to copy their notes by a predetermined day and time.

Transcription assistance is available to students whose disability-based needs cannot be met by their independent use of voice activated computing. As necessary, the OSL can fund a transcriber for students who need typing for assignments or exams.

Voice Activated Computing 
The UCSF Library's Interactive Learning Center provides voice activated computing technology for word processing, internet access, and electronic mail. Verification of eligibility based on disability must be obtained in advance from the OSL Executive Director.

Library Research Assistance 
The UCSF Library has a variety of services to accommodate students with disabilities. Staff will work with students on a case by case basis to provide assistance with retrieval of materials, photocopying and other specialized services on request. Verification of eligibility for library services based on disability must be obtained in advance from the OSL Executive Director.

Students may need alternative access to print material. Students with learning disabilities or visual impairments may need their required reading in alternative formats, such as Braille, audiotape or large print. Students are required to obtain books and reading materials that are already available in alternative formats, such as Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic (RFBD). The Executive Director will facilitate membership to RFBD or approve readers to tape the student’s printed materials. 


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