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A Call for Training the Trainers: Focus on Mentoring to Enhance Diversity in Mental Health Research -- Jeste et al. 99 (Supplement 1): S31 -- American Journal of Public Health

Diversity Initiatives in Academic Psychiatry: Applying Cultural Competence -- Lim et al. 32 (4): 283 -- Acad Psychiatry

Mental Health Disparities, Diversity, and Cultural Competence in Medical Student Education: How Psychiatry Can Play a Role - Lu and Primm 30 (1): 0 - Acad Psychiatry 

Using Non-Feature Films to Teach Diversity, Cultural Competence, and the DSM-IV-TR Outline for Cultural Formulation -- Lim et al. 32 (4): 291 -- Acad Psychiatry


Understanding Prejudice


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