Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Training Program

  Psychotherapy Training
The CAP training program at UCSF is well recognized for its training in Psychodynamic and other Evidence based Psychotherapy training. Year long Case conferences, supervision seminars, play therapy seminars, CBT seminars,  DBT and PBMT training as co leaders, Family therapy, group supervision and weekly 2-3 hours of supervision is provided.

Fellows are expected to carry four therapy cases each year. A family therapy case is assigned in the CAP 1 year. Fellows are evaluated in basic and advanced psychotherapy skills every 6 months. Sessions are video taped and reviewed with supervisors. San Francisco hosts both the Jungian Institute and Institute for Psychoanalytical training. Many of our fellows attend workshops that are held throughout the year in monasteries or Buddhist centers to train in mindfulness, meditation and holistic healing.

The goal is to provide you with all tools necessary to work compassionately with children, adolescents and their families through the life changing experience of dealing with Mental illness and their path towards acceptance and recovery.

Psychotherapy Advisors

Phyllis Cath, MD
Vittorio Comelli, PsyD
Steve Friedlander, PhD
Graeme Hanson, MD
Andrew Lamden, LCSW
Lori Lavinthal, MFT
Margo Leahy, MD
Alicia Lieberman, PhD
Esme Shaller, PhD
John Sikorski, MD 
Elizabeth Simpson, LCSW
Patricia Speier, MD
Justine Underhill, LCSW
Steve Zemmelman, PhD, MSW

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