Clinical Psychology Training Program Anniversary

Our Faculty and Fellows Throughout the Years

CPTP Faculty/Fellows 01
Ricardo F. Muñoz, Florentius Chan, Virginia Patterson, Jeanne Miranda (1984)

Alvidrez et al
Jennifer Alvidrez, Mimi Le, Ricardo Muñoz, Amy Copeland
CPTP 011
Kurt Organista, Jeannie Miranda, James Sorensen,Yvette Flores-Ortiz
CPTP 029
R.E. Harris, Arpin Tadroshom (assistant to RE Harris), L. Simpson, Elaine
CPTP 012
Ricardo F. Muñoz, Robert Mahon

CPTP 021

Standing: Ena Kwok, Mike Ito, Francis Lu, Unknown, Unknown
Seating: Unknown, Pat Marine Muñoz, Ricardo F. Muñoz, Yu-Wen Ying

CPTP 025
R.E. Harris

Pat Arean, Francisca Azocar
Alicia Lieberman and Emily Ozer (2000)
CPTP 052
Amy Copeland, James Sorensen
CPTP 013
Margaret Stroad, Alicia Bocceralli, David Pope
CPTP 030
Unknown, Blanche Sweet (1949-50)
CPTP 028
Frank Gorman
CPTP 024
Betty Kalis

CPT 018

Standing: David Pope, Patricia Pérez-Arce, Gerardo Gonzalez, Robert Mahon, Ricardo F. Muñoz
Seating: Susan Scheidt, Kathleen Schutte, James L. Sorensen, Margaret Stroad, Tamara Wall, Alicia Boccellari

CPTP 027
Unknown, Ginny Patterson, Unknown, Phillis Kempner, Jacques Levy

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