Clinical Psychology Training Program Anniversary

Past and Current Staff Members

  • Michelle Won
  • Dolly de la Pointe
  • Vernnez Rocket (administrator)
  • Michelle Austin  (administrator)
  • L’atrice Ward
  • Vicky Brown-Ravano (administrator)
  • Shira Skloot
  • Jamie Ortega
  • Sarah Kenney
  • Lori Carsillo
  • Michelle Latimer
  • Maricela Garcia-Flores
  • Hugo Sosa (administrator)

CPTP-Staff 80
James Beauford and Vernnez Rockett (1994)

CPTP-Staff 81
L'atrice Ward, Sonia Galvez and Michelle Austin (1996)

CPTP-Staff 77
Hugo Sosa and Shira Skloot (2000)

CPTP-Staff 78
Ricardo Munoz, Sonia Galvez, Hugo Sosa (2000)

CPTP-Staff 82 
Hugo Sosa, Lori Carsillo, Ricardo Muñoz (2004)

CPTP-Staff 84
Lori Carsillo, Hugo Sosa, Ricardo Muñoz (2004)

CPTP Staff
Sonia Galvez, Maricela Garcia-Flores, Hugo Sosa (2007)

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