Clinical Psychology Training Program Anniversary

Notable Dates in Program History

1943: CPTP is founded in March 1943 by Robert E. Harris, PhD, one of the founding faculty of the Langley Porter Psychiatric Institute, and the first chief psychologist and director of training. His dedication to both the clinical and research aspects of psychological practice is remembered and honored each year by awarding the R. E. Harris Award in Clinical Psychology to UCSF psychology fellows who excel in both clinical and research areas.  A second award, the R. E. Harris Award in Health Psychology is also awarded to graduating trainees in that program each year.

1946: Virginia Patterson joins the program as a fellow.  She returns in 1950, serving first as staff psychologist and then as clinical professor until her retirement in the 1980s.

1956: CPTP becomes one of the first clinical psychology internships accredited by the American Psychological Association.  Bill Hargreaves is a member of this year’s class.  He will later join the faculty, until his retirement.

1957: Paul Ekman joins the program as an intern.  He will also join the faculty, until his retirement.  His work on the scientific study of facial expression and emotion earns him the distinction of being named one of the 100 most eminent psychologists of the 20th Century.

1969: Delmont Morrison becomes director of the CPTP.

1974John Steinhelber becomes director of the CPTP.

1977: The UCSF Department of Psychiatry begins to administer the Department of Psychiatry at San Francisco General Hospital.

1979: An independent clinical psychology training program is founded by A. Michael Rossi, PhD, the first chief psychologist at SFGH.

1982: The LPPI and SFGH training programs are merged into one two-year predoctoral and postdoctoral fellowship.  The program also includes a third cluster:  the Behavioral Medicine Unit in the Division of General Internal Medicine.  Lydia Temoshok, Tom Coates, and Karen Froming lead that cluster until 1998.  Clifford Attkisson is the first director of the two-year program. 

1992: Ricardo F. Muñoz becomes director of the CPTP

CPTP Harris, Robert
Robert E. Harris

CPTP Patterson
Virginia Patterson (2004)

CPTP 66 
Bill Hargreaves  (2004)

CPTP Ekman
Paul Ekman (2004)

Clifford C. Attkisson (2004)

Munoz, Ricardo photo 2
Ricardo F. Muñoz

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