Geriatric/Cognitive Impairment Research Collaboration Group

The core goals of the Geriatric/Cognitive Impairment Research Collaboration Group is to increase Geropsychiatry Research funding, recruit faculty and post-docs in this specialty field and to increase training and opportunities to engage trainees in this area of research. In addition to the generation of grant applications, researchers are active on developing projects, including determining the feasibility of a common assessment toolkit to measure depression, cognitive impairment, and functioning. In the area of training, a grants and papers review process is being developed for trainees. Courses are also being developed to teach research methods. Interested faculty and post-docs in Geropsychiatry research are encouraged to contact the co-leaders of this group to discuss current collaboration and projects opportunities. 


Arean, Patricia 

Yaffe, Kristine


Barnes, Deborah

Byers, Amy

Dunn, Laura

Fiocco, Alexandra

Mackin, Scott

Middleton, Laura

Satre, Derek

Shim, J. Jewel 


UCSF Memory and Aging Center

UCSF Department of Psychiatry Geriatric Fellowship


Leadership in research, education, psychiatric care and public service