Schizophrenia and Psychosis Research Collaboration Group


Leary, Mark 

Vinogradov, Sophia  



Summary of Activities Expertise

Steven Batki, PhD 


addiction psychiatry, clinical and research work at the SFVAMC and have access to patients with co-existing mental illness and addictions  addiction psychiatrist specialized in psychopharmacology clinical trials in the treatment of alcohol and other substance use disorders, particularly in patients with schizophrenia or PTSD 

Gerard Beaudoin, Ph.D.

basic science research on the role of cell junction proteins in regulatin synaptogenesis molecular and cellular neuroscience using mouse genetics

Jennifer Boyd, PhD

direct a psychosocial rehabilitation center for veterans with SMI internalized stigma
Ben Cheyette, MD, PhD PI for wet laboratory that uses genetically-engineered mice to study neural developmental questions relevant to mental illness  biology and molecular genetics of mental illness. Intercellular signaling during development. Molecular biology of synapses and synapse development 
David Fariello, LCSW oversee five programs contracted to SFDPH and HAS providing services to over 600 SMI adults clinical case management, treating very impaired borderline and dually diagnosed clients, program design, funding and management
Caroline Fitzgerald, MS, OTR/L 
Judith Ford, PhD co-direct the Brain Imaging and EEG Lab (BIEEGL) at VAMC fMRI, ERP, time-frequency analyses of EEG
Steve Hamilton, MD, PhD carry out genetic studies of persons with schizophrenia  genetics
Gregory Jarasitis, MOT direct a Supported Employment program for SMI clients
Eric Kessell, PhD, MPH conduct research on social factors related to rates of treatment for severe mental illness epidemiologic methods, biostatistics, health services research 
Kathleen Lacey, LCSW direct an ACT model program for individuals dually diagnosed with mental health and substance abuse disorders who are also involved in the criminal justice system; co-founded S. F.'s Behavioral Health Court; implemented gender-appropriate treatment for dually diagnosed women within the program; implemented a Supported Employment model within the program; co-founded and participae in The Center's Dialectical Behavior Therapy program   intensive outpatient treatment of SMI, clinical case management, legal system (criminal justice), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, gender-appropriate treatment, Supported Employment, management of assaultive behaviors
Rachel Loewy, PhD I consult with UCSF and community clinicians on work with early psychosis patients - primarily children, adolescents, young adults and their families. I run an early psychosis (prodrome and recent-onset) treatment program being developed in partnership with the Family Service Agency of San Francisco.  Prodromal and first-episode psychosis, assessment and diagnosis of psychosis, evidence-based treatments for early psychosis, families and early psychosis, trauma and psychosis
Daniel Mathalon, MD, PhD fMRI and EEG research on schizophrenia EEG, ERP, fMRI, schizophrenia prodrome
S. Craig Risch, MD major interest is psychopharmacology of refractory psychosis federal and pharma clinical trials 
Demian Rose, MD, PhD run the LPPI Psychosis Consultation Clinic. diagnostic assessment, evidence-based treatments, trainee mentoring and education
Martha Shumway, PhD NA mental health services research, measurement, preference/utility assessment, cost-effectiveness analysis, research design, data analysis, mixed methods research, cognition, co-occurring conditions, psychiatric and medical emergency services, involuntary treatment, public sector care, underserved populations 
Mily Trabing, LCSW director of inpatient psychiatric social services (with Mark Leary and James Dilley), supervising psychiatric social workers conducting research inpatient psychiatry, LGBT issues, San Francisco mental health system, supervision of psychiatric MSW/LCSW
Sophia Vinogradov, MD co-direct (with Daniel Mathalon) the research activities at early psychosis program at LPPI; direct research projects in neurocognition and cognitive training at my clinical research lab at the VAMC cognition in schizophrenia, neuroscience-guided cognitive training in schizophrenia, social cognition in schizophrenia
Susan Voglmaier, MD, PhD general adult psychiatry  basic science research: cellular and molecular biology, neurotransmitter release, cellular, animal models 


Leadership in research, education, psychiatric care and public service