Child/Adolescent/Young Adult Research Collaboration Group

The Goals of the Youth RCG are to:

  • Serve as a convener of researchers and clinicians interested in mental disorders that develop in childhood, adolescence or young adulthood to create and strengthen productive research  collaborations 
  • Develop study groups related to specific interests of the group
  • Provide expert review of draft grant applications
  • Connect young researchers with mentors
  • Develop the research course for trainees
  • Develop a research track with dedicated research time for the child and adolescent psychiatry fellows especially interested in a research career
  • Update the membership activity section regularly and encourage its review to encourage collaboration.
  • While many of the members of the YouthRCG are faculty members of the UCSF Department of Psychiatry, interested members may be from any Department or University where collaboration enhances the research



Hendren, Robert

Lieberman, Alicia


Bent, Stephen

Dallman, Mary

Dorado, Joyce

Ferren, Peter

Ihle, Eva

Loewy, Rachel

Lustig, Stuart

Martinez, Miriam

Mathews, Carol

McBurnett, Keith

Ordonez, Anna

Ozer, Elizabeth

Pfiffner, Linda

Randall, Robin

Rubenstein, John

Siegel, Bryna

Sikorski, John

Stewart, Colin

Thomas, Melanie

Weiss, Lauren

Weiss, Nicholas

Wilbrecht, Linda

Wood, William

Yaffe, Kristine

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