Department of Psychiatry Grand Rounds

Department of Psychiatry Grand Rounds

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The UCSF Department of Psychiatry Grand Rounds series (course number MGR18074) seeks to promote excellence and quality in clinical care; introduce clinicians to recent advances in medical care; provide updates on scientific advances that affect the practice of medicine; and provide a forum for discussion of topics that strengthen the relationship of psychiatry to the broader community.

Events are held on Tuesday mornings from 8 - 9:30 a.m. on the UCSF Parnassus campus. These events are for professional audience members only.

2017-2018 Dept. of Psychiatry Grand Rounds

Date Speaker(s) Topic Location/Archive
09/12/17 Eric R. Kandel, MD Distinguished Visiting Lecturer Series
Memory and Age-Related Memory Loss
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09/19/17 Demian Rose, MD, PhD Clinical Case Conference
Neuroscience-Ready Formulation
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10/03/17 Mazen Kheribek, PhD Bay Area Lecturer Series
Deconstructing Hippocampal Circuits That Control Emotional Behavior
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10/10/17 William S. Breitbart, MD Distinguished Visiting Lecturer Series
Treating Despair in the Face of Death: Meaning-Centered Psychotherapy
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10/17/17 Nick Kanas, MD Bay Area Lecturer Series
Missions in Space: The Psychological and Psychiatric Hurdles
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11/07/17 Elizabeth L. Hillman, JD, PhD 2017 Evelyn Lee Visiting Scholar Lecture in Cultural Competency and Diversity​
Staggering: Sexual Harassment in STEM Education and Training
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11/14/17 David H. Barlow, PhD, ABPP Distinguished Visiting Lecturer Series
New Developments in the Nature and Treatment of Anxiety Disorders: Treating Neuroticism
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11/21/17 Rania Awaad, MD Bay Area Lecturer Series
Islamophobia: Clinical Considerations From a Muslim Psychiatry
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12/05/17 Marilu Gorno-Tempini, MD, PhD Bay Area Lecturer Series
Language Disorders Across the Lifespan
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12/12/17 H. Westley Clark, MD, JD, MPH Distinguished Visiting Lecturer Series
A Framework for Public Health: "Facing Addiction in America" During an Opioid Epidemic
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01/09/18 CANCELED
01/16/18 Nancy J. Cox, PhD Distinguished Visiting Lecturer Series
Integrative Approaches in Biobank Data Complement Animal Models: Getting to Biological Mechanisms of Disease
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01/23/18 Steven A. McCarroll, PhD Distinguished Visiting Lecturer Series
How Does Inherited Genome Variation Shape the Biology of the Human Brain?
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02/06/18 Andrew Krystal, MD, MS Bay Area Lecturer Series
Toward Personalized Insomnia Therapy
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02/13/18 Richard G. Frank, PhD Distinguished Visiting Lecturer Series
Mental Illness and Employment in an Evolving Economy
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02/20/18 CANCELED
03/06/18 Anna Victoria Molofsky, MD, PhD Bay Area Lecturer Series
How Does the Immune System Impact Brain Development?
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03/13/18 Hannah Valantine, MD, MRCP Distinguished Visiting Lecturer Series
NIH Addresses the Science of Diversity: Focusing on Institutional Change
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03/20/18 Peter Ureste, MD Clinical Case Conference
Clinical Issues Affecting an Elderly Depressed Man
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04/03/18 Matthew Hirschtritt, MD, MPH
Jacob Izenberg, MD
Trainee Research Award Presentations
Sexual Minority, Justice-Involved Youth: A Hidden Population in Need of Integrated Mental Health, Substance Use, and Sexual Health Services" (Hirschtritt) and Is Gentrification Bad for Your Health? Evidence from California (Izenberg)


04/10/18 Charles A. Nelson III, PhD Distinguished Visiting Lecturer Series
Sensitive Periods in Human Development: The Effects of Early Profound Deprivation on Brain-Behavioral Development
04/17/18 Andreea Seritan, MD Clinical Case Conference
The Psychiatric Assessment and Brief Intervention Program: Partnering With Primary Care Providers
05/01/18 Elissa Epel, PhD Bay Area Lecturer Series
More Than a Feeling: Toward a Deeper Understanding of Caregiver Stress and Mind-Body Health
Cole Hall
05/15/18 Yue Leng, PhD, MPhil
Donna Werling, PhD
Trainee Research Award Presentations
Napping, Sleep, and Neurodegenerative Diseases: An Epidemiologic Perspective (Leng) and Understanding the Basis of Sex Bias in Autism Through the Investigation of Sex-Differential Gene Expression in the Brain (Werling)
05/29/18 Irwin Feinberg, MD
Seth Cohen, MD
Howard Rosenbaum, MD
Special Presentation
Connections: Dr. Feinberg and the Pruning Hypothesis
06/05/18 Somer Bishop, PhD Bay Area Lecturer Series
06/12/18 David Adam Ross, MD, PhD Distinguished Visiting Lecturer Series
Integrating Neuroscience Into 21st Century Psychiatry: Lessons From the National Neuroscience Curriculum Initiative
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