In Memoriam: Stephen M. Rao, PhD

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

RaoWith great sadness, we must announce the death of Stephen Rao, PhD, a highly cherished faculty member at the San Francisco VA Medical Center.  Dr. Rao passed away on Saturday, May 24, surrounded by his husband Randy, his parents, and a circle of loving friends, following a heroic fight against melanoma.

For many years, Dr. Rao served as an esteemed colleague at San Francisco General Hospital, where he led innovative health psychology programs. Upon moving to the SFVAMC, he took on the role of Health Behavior Coordinator in the new Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Program, where his work was recognized nationally.  He also led a highly regarded post-doctoral fellowship program on the Mental Health Service and played a key mentorship role in the Center of Excellence in Primary Care.  More than this, he was an effervescent, joyful, loving man who brought happiness, warmth, and enthusiasm to all of his interactions with colleagues and patients.

A memorial service will be held in Dr. Rao’s honor at the SFVAMC. A date and time will be announced shortly.


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