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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Lowell Tong, MDTongGreetings colleagues, members and friends of the department:

Being involved in the middle of many current academic faculty searches in our department has renewed my appreciation for what an amazing place UCSF is - while these are serious financial times for the state, school and certainly our department, we are rich with intellectual assets and networks with colleagues throughout the system and nationally.

This time of year is full of training application and selection activities - the Clinical Psychology Training Program and Child Psychiatry Program recently announced their match results; the Psychiatry Residency match results arrive in the middle of the month; and Mentored K award applicants, their mentors and our grants/application offices and staff are extremely busy right now. Best wishes to all! It is definitely early Spring.

On Friday, May 18, 2012, the UCSF SF Treatment Research Center will be holding its Community Forum Conference: Clinical Innovations in Substance Abuse Treatment. While the conference is already fully subscribed, there is a waiting list.

Muni buses and UCSF Shuttle vans stop in front of Langley Porter right under my window - but there has been no patient- or visitor-friendly loading area for those using private transportation for years ... until now. Thanks to the actions of Len Zegans, Anne Poirier and others, a white curb zone will be installed shortly, as part of the city’s Parnassus repaving project that began two weeks ago, and will run through July.

Best regards,

New Faculty & Transitions

New Faculty: Our Department's Faculty Council hosted a reception to welcome new faculty and promote cross-campus networking at a reception on February 27.
Faculty Social - February 2012Sharon Smart, MD; Lauren Weiss, PhD; Julia Steinberg, PhD; Kewchang, Lee, MD; Fumiko Hoeft, MD, PhD; and Lowell Tong, MD.Faculty Social - Ercik Hung, MD and Fumiko Hoeft, MD, PhDErick Hung, MD and Fumiko Hoeft, MD, PhD.
Lowell Tong, MD; Ellen Haller, MD; and Erick Hung, MDTong, Hung, and Haller
Erick Hung, MD, is the new program Director of our UCSF Psychiatry Residency effective July 1, 2012, the successful outcome of a national academic search. Erick has been one of our program's Associate Directors, leading its assessment program and the Professionalism, Systems, and Leadership didactics module. He has also been teaching in the areas of risk assessment, forensic psychiatry, and ethics, in
addition to general ambulatory psychiatry. Erick's experience in educational and clinical leadership and administration, his educational scholarship and innovation, his creative thinking, and his interpersonal skills position him well to lead us in new directions in support of external accreditation bodies and the School of Medicine's move to incorporate new paradigms of education pedagogy and training methods in graduate medical education. When he assumes his new role in July, he will be stepping down from his current roles of Associate Chief of Mental Health for Community Based Outpatient Clinics for the SFVAMC and Director of Mental Health for the SFVAMC Downtown Clinic. He will be based primarily on the Parnassus campus, and will also have clinical roles at Langley Porter Psychiatric Hospital and Clinics in support of the residency training program. A big and advance welcome to Erick, which also means thanking Ellen Haller, MD, who with her faculty and administrative team has lead our residency during a five-year periold of curricular and organizational innovations and growth. I remember so vividly that Ellen's welcome included an ACGME/RRC accreditation site visit within months of her stepping into the role, yet she ably presided over the process and secured a six-year accreditation. More about Ellen in future updates, as well as plans to fill the roles Erick will be leaving.
Nikhil Majumdar, MDMajumdar

Welcome to new faculty member Nikhil Majumdar, MD who begins at SFVAMC on March 26, 2012, the result of a successful search for a clinician-educator position at the VA. He will serve in dual roles as an attending on the Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit and as an attending in the SF-VAMC Mental Health Outpatient Clinics. Nikhil recently completed his residency at Michigan State University - Kalamazoo, and brings excellent skills in clinical management and a strong commitment to academics and teaching.

Ricardo Muñoz, MDMuñoz
Ricardo F. Muñoz, PhD, has accepted a position as Distinguished Professor of Clinical Psychology with tenure at Palo Alto University (formerly Pacific Graduate School of Psychology). He will become the founding Director of the Institute for International Internet Interventions for Health, whose mission it will be to develop and test evidence-based eHealth and mHealth interventions in multiple languages for people worldwide. He will transition to UCSF Professor Emeritus when he begins his new position at Palo Alto University, near the end of June. Muñoz immigrated from Perú to the Mission District in San Francisco in 1961, at age 10. He did his undergraduate work at Stanford and his doctorate at the University of Oregon in Eugene. He was the first psychologist to join the faculty of the UCSF Department of Psychiatry at San Francisco General Hospital in 1977. In 1985, he founded the SFGH Depression Clinic, the first cognitive-behavioral service at UCSF. He became Chief Psychologist at SFGH in 1986, and Director of the Clinical Psychology Training Program in 1992. His research focuses on the development of prevention and treatment interventions for depression and applications of these methods to help people stop smoking. He founded the UCSF/SFGH Latino Mental Health Research Program in 1992. He began work on international randomized trials via the Internet in 1998, and founded the UCSF/SFGH Internet World Health Research Center in 2004. He was the PI on the first randomized controlled trial to prevent major depression (with Guillermo Bernal, Jim Sorensen, Bill Hargreaves, and Eliseo Pérez-Stable; Jim Dilley and Steve Batki conducted the first pilot depression prevention groups when they were residents at SFGH). He has served on both Institute of Medicine committees which produced major reports on prevention of mental disorders in 1994 and 2009. His latest contribution to the area of prevention of depression is a forthcoming article (with Bill Beardslee and Yan Leykin) in the American Psychologist titled “Major Depression Can Be Prevented.”

  Alicia Boccellari, PhD, will become Chief Psychologist at SFGH in July. She is the Director of the Division of Psychosocial Medicine at UCSF/SFGH and oversees clinical programs that provide mental health services to more than 5000 patients a year and is actively involved in teaching and research activities in the Division. Her primary interests include creating and investigating innovative clinical interventions in the public sector, to see if these interventions can reduce barriers to care and improve clinical outcomes in patients who have extensive and complex medical, psychiatric, substance abuse and psychosocial problems.  An overarching goal of her work is to not only contribute to evidence-based clinical practices, but also potentially influence public policy and improve healthcare services for underserved populations in the public sector.   

UCSF Psychiatry at Home

Descarte Li, MDLi
Descartes Li, MD is course director of the UCSF Osher Mini Medical School for the Public running February 28-April 3. The series is called “Science of the mind: How the brain works to regulate mood, emotions, and stress." Several of our faculty are presenting, including Stuart Eisendrath, Tracy Foose, and Owen Wolkowitz.

Sophia Vinogradov, MDVinogradov
Sophia Vinogradov, MD was featured in the UCSF News article "Schizophrenia Patients’ Ability to Monitor Reality May Be Helped by Computerized Training" on February 28, 2012.
Lauren Weiss, PhDWeissLauren Weiss, PhD was featured in the UCSF News article, "In Autism, Gene Findings May Help Explain Biology and Guide Drug Discovery" on February 6, 2012.

UCSF Psychiatry Published Contributions

Ellen Haller, MDHallerHaller, E. A serendipitous career: From cowboy to out lesbian academic psychiatrist. In Norris, D. B., Jayaram, G., & Primm, A. B. (Eds.), Women in Psychiatry: Personal Perspectives. Arlington, VA: American Psychiatric Publishing, 2012.
Women in Psychiatry: Personal Perspectives
Lerner, U., Brooks, K.,McNiel, D. E., Cramer, R. J., & Haller, E. (2012) Coping with a patient's suicide: A curriculum for psychiatry residency training programs. Academic Psychiatry 36:29-33.
Uma Lerner, MDLerner

Kristen Brooks, MDBrooksDale McNiel, PhDMcNiel

Hardy, K. V., Moore, M., Rose, D., Bennett, R., Jackson-Lane, C., Gause, M., Jackson, A., & Loewy, R. (2011) Filling the implementation gap: A community-academic partnership approach to early intervention in psychosis. Early Interventional Psychiatry 5(4):366-374. 
Kate Hardy, PsyDHardyDemian Rose, MD, PhDRoseRachel Loewy, PhDLoewy

Tamara McClintock Greenberg, PsyD, MSGreenberg

Greenberg, T. M. When Someone You Love has a Chronic Illness: Hope and Help for Those Providing Support. Utah: Plain Sight Publishing, 2012.
When Someone You Love Has a Chronic Illness by Tamara McClintock Greenberg, PsyD, MS
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Hung, Erick 1959 - 100x133Hung

Binder, Renée 3a - 100x133-BinderHall, Stephen - 100x133HallDale McNiel, PhDMcNiel
Jonathan Lichtmacher, MDLichtmacher

Lichtmacher, J. & Fitzgerald, I. Interpersonal psychotherapy: Role dispute. In Markowitz, J. C. & Weissman, M. (Eds.), Casebook of Interpersonal Psychotherapy. New York: Oxford University Press Inc., 2012.Casebook of Interpersonal Psychotherapy  
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Mark Leary, MDLeary

Emily Lee, MDLeeJames Dilley, MDDilley 
Steven Zemmelman, MSW, PhDZemmelmanZemmelman, S. (2012) C. G. Jung and the Jewish soul: A dynamism between psyche and religiosity. Jung Journal: Culture and Psyche 6(1):104-123.

UCSF Psychiatry Leading the Way

Top Psychiatrists. There are 1,004 top psychiatrists on the list of U.S. News and World Report’s Top Doctors. These physicians were selected based on a peer nomination process.  Congratulations to the following faculty from our department for achieving this national recognition for outstanding work.

Paid Faculty
Stuart J. Eisdendrath, MD
David Elkin, MD
Stephen E. Hall, MD
J. Craig Nelson, MD
Kim Norman, MD, HS
Herbert Ochitill, MD
Lynn Ponton, MD
Victor I. Reus, MD
Anna Spielvogel, MD, PhD
Owen M. Wolkowitz, MD

Volunteer and Affiliate Faculty

Daniel Becker, MD
Robert Dolgoff, MD
Steven Frankel, MD
Graeme Hanson, MD
Michael Kirsch, MD
Alan Louie, MD
Sanford Pepper, MD
James Reich, MD, MPH
Marc Schwartz, MD
Lenore Terr, MD


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