Bridge Clinic

The need for clinical services at LPPI often exceeds clinical capacity.  The Bridge Clinic in the Young Adult and Family Center is an outpatient clinic established to meet this vital need. The Bridge Clinic is based on the model established by psychiatric urgent care clinics, such as Massachusetts General Hospital, University Health Network Toronto, etc.  Patients served by the Bridge Clinic are recently discharged from the hospital and in need of outpatient treatment, or are in treatment but require more intensive services.  The Bridge Clinic also provides interim care for patients awaiting access to one of the YAFC programs.


Bridge Clinic provides the following clinical, educational, and consultation services:

  1. Brief crisis intervention (interim care)
  2. Pharmacotherapy (consultation and treatment)
  3. Teaching (CAP-2s on C/L services)
  4. Collaboration (facilitating transitions and coordinating care between programs)

How to Make An Appointment

Bridge Clinic patients are usually referred by one of the following programs: UCSF wards (referrals from in-patient Consultation/Liaison service), UCSF Adolescent Medicine Clinic, Assessment clinics at LPPI, and community clinicians. To request an appointment, please call Eva Ihle, MD PhD at 415-476-7902, or our intake line at (415) 476-7500.

 Faculty / Clinicians
      Kim Norman, MD
     Eva Ihle, MD, PhD
     Justine Underhill, LCSW
     Heather Brame, CSW
     Lori Lavinthal, CSW
     Gemma Lopez, MD


Leadership in research, education, psychiatric care and public service