Financial Need Discounts

Discounted services are now being offered at Langley Porter Psychiatric Hospital & Clinics (LPPH&C) for:

  • Patients with no insurance
  • Patients ineligible for state for federal aid programs
  • Patients without mental health benefits

Below is a selection of frequently asked questions concerning financial need discounts for patients.

What are the amounts of discounts?

  • All self pay patients will receive a standard 40% discount on outpatient fees.
  • All self pay patients will receive a standard 30% discount on facility based fee.
  • Some patients may qualify for further reductions under our financial need policy.

How can I qualify?

  • Qualifying is based on your total income, and in some cases, on your liquid assets.
  • You must complete the financial need application and provide supporting documentation for all self-reported income.
  • Annual income at 350% of the federal poverty level for the current year will result in approval of your application in most cases.

How will this information be maintained and who will have access to my information?

  • All personal financial information will be maintained only in our Financial Counseling Office.
  • Information is secured in a locked file and no copies are made.
  • Your application will not be shared with your clinician or other departments at UCSF.
  • Your information will not be forwarded to any credit or collection companies.
  • Your information will not appear in your medical record.
  • Information collected will be used only to evaluate your eligibility for discounted services.

How can I apply for discounted services?

  • Ask any receptionist for an application or download the application.
  • Call our practice manager at (415) 476-5010.
  • Call our business office at (415) 476-7184.

How long will the process take?

  • Once we receive your application, the review process takes approximately five business days.
  • You and your clinician will be notified of the outcome of the review.
  • Should your application be denied, you may appeal the decision with the director of Patient Care Services by calling (415) 476-7874.
  • Information about this program is available in our financial need policy.