Faculty Council

The Faculty Council serves as a representative body for all junior faculty, and all non-Academic Senate junior and senior faculty (in the Adjunct, and Paid Clinical). The Council consists of delegates from each of the Department's major sites (LPPI, SFGH, and SFVAMC) and functions in an advisory capacity to the Department Chair. The Council is charged with helping to provide a structure for Department-wide communication between leadership and the faculty, and with making recommendations to the Chair on major Department policy matters.


Our mission for 2015 includes a focus on:

  • Facilitating effective mentorship practices to enable faculty success
  • Enabling faculty networking and unity across sites
  • Distributing accurate information about departmental and university resources (Faculty Guideposts)
  • Self-care for faculty

Please contact the Faculty Council chair or one of your Council representatives if you have a concern or question regarding our work on behalf of the faculty. Suggestions are welcome regarding both of issue of concern and ideas for new efforts. We hope to advance the mission of our department at UCSF in promoting health through our support of the faculty.

Members of the 2014-2015 Faculty Council

Élida M. Bautista, PhD, Chair
Fumiko Hoeft, MD, PhD 
Lydia V. Santiago, PhD

Gina Martinez, Staff

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