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Julia R. Steinberg, PhD

Title: Assistant Professor


Arizona State University, MA, PhD, Social Psychology

Postgraduate Training:

Charlotte Ellertson Social Science Postdoctoral Fellowship in Abortion and Reproductive Health

Biography Summary:

Julia Steinberg, PhD, is an Assistant Professor of Health Psychology in the Department of Psychiatry. She received her PhD in Social Psychology from Arizona State University and completed the Charlotte Ellertson Postdoctoral fellowship in Abortion and Reproductive Health in the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences at UCSF. Broadly, her research is at the intersection of psychology and reproductive health

One of her research areas has focused on whether pregnancy outcomes (abortion versus delivery) have an association with subsequent mental health, when common risk factors for having certain pregnancy outcomes and for having mental health problems are considered in analyses. Her work has found that prior violence and mental health problems are more common among women having abortions, and particularly multiple abortions, compared to women having other pregnancy outcomes. Such experiences and conditions are also more common among women having post-pregnancy mental health problems compared to women not having post-pregnancy mental health problems. In analyses that take into account these common risk factors, the relationship of pregnancy outcomes and mental health is not significant.

Building from the finding that prior mental health problems are associated with having subsequent abortions and particularly multiple abortions, Dr. Steinberg is currently examining the role of mental health and negative emotions in contraceptive decision-making. In addition, Dr. Steinberg is investigating whether and how childhood adverse experiences influence reproductive outcomes such as risk of abortion and post-abortion mental health. 

Research Areas:

Abortion and mental health, post-abortion contraceptive decision-making, childhood adversities and reproductive outcomes


Psychology and reproductive health

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