Yan Leykin, PhD - Contact Information

Yan Leykin, PhD

Title: Assistant Adjunct Professor


University of Pennsylvania, PhD, Clinical Psychology

Postgraduate Training:

Clinical internship: VA Palo Alto Health Care System. Postdoctoral fellowship: UCSF Psychology & Medicine Program.

Biography Summary:

My research focuses on a range of approaches that could lead to improvements in the delivery, outcomes, and research methods of empirically supported therapies for treatment of mood disorders, espcially major depressive disorder. I use tools from the field of judgement and decision-making to understand the decision-making processes of individuals suffering from major depression. In addtiion, I use information technology to offer screening and interventions to individuals who may not have access to other treatment options.

Clinical Expertise:

cognitive behavioral therapy, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety disorders.

Research Areas:

cognitive behavioral interventions, judgment and decision-making, internet intervention development, internet screening.


depression, internet intervention, screening, decision-making, ehealth, CBT

Campus Location: Laurel Heights

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