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Sohal, Vikaas Singh

Title: Assistant Professor in Residence


Stanford University, MD, PhD 

Postgraduate Training:

Stanford University Medical Center, Psychiatry Residency and Research Fellowship 

Biography Summary:

Current Projects

  1. What exactly are the consequences of parvalbumin interneuron hypofunction (observed in the prefrontal cortex of patients with schizophrenia) for gamma oscillations and other aspects of prefrontal microcircuit function?
  2. How do the effects of feedback inhibition from parvalbumin interneurons differ from those of other types of inhibition in the neocortex?
  3. How are gamma oscillations in different neocortical regions synchronized?
  4. How do oscillations in different frequency bands (theta, alpha, beta, gamma, etc.) differentially affect information processing?
  5. What are the biophysical bases for the effects of gamma oscillations on information processing in individual neurons and microcircuits, and how do these effects depend on cell type?
  6. How do recurrent excitatory synapses contribute to the propagation and processing of information in prefrontal microcircuits?
  7. How does activation of D1 or D2 dopamine receptors change information processing in individual neurons and microcircuits in the prefrontal cortex?

Research Areas:

Our laboratory conducts basic science research about how microcircuits in the prefrontal cortex process information, and how this may be disrupted in psychiatric diseases such as schizophrenia.  We combine several techniques including brain slice electrophysiology, cell-type specific optogenetic stimulation using channelrhodopsin, in vivo recording, behavioral assays, computational modeling, and information theory.


Information processing in neocortical microcircuits: implications for psychiatric disease 

Campus Location: Parnassus

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Neurosciences and Schizophrenia Fellowship


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