Margaret Kemeny, PhD - Contact Information

Title: Professor


UCSF, PhD, Health Psychology

Postgraduate Training:

UCLA, Postdoctoral Fellowship, Immunology and Psychoneuroimmunology

Educational Expertise:

psychoneuroimmunology, health psychology, biological bases of health psychology and emotion and health

Research Areas:

psychoneuroimmunology; relationship between psychological factors, neurophysiological mechanisms and disease processes, particularly in HIV-1 and inflammatory diseases; effects of cognitive representations on emotion, physiology and health; threats to social status and their effects on cognitive representations of the self and self-conscious emotions including shame, as well as the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis and the cytokine network, particularly pro-inflammatory cytokines and cognitive representations of future health and their physiological correlates and health consequences; the role of expectancies in the effects of placebos on inflammatory processes

Administrative Assistant: Russell Heiman - Contact Information

Campus Location: Laurel Heights

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Affective Science Predoctoral Training Program


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