Judith Ford, PhD - Contact Information

Ford, Judith

Title: Professor in Residence

Postgraduate Training:

SF Veterans Administration Medical Center; University of California, San Francisco

Clinical Expertise:

Our lab has 35+ years of experience with event-related potentials, and about 5+ years of experience with fMRI.  More recently, we have begun to do time-frequency analyses of EEG using methods and algorithms similar to those used by bench neuroscientists.  These methods open the door to translational neuroscience and collaborations with investigators using in vivo and in vitro methods. We continue to try to integrate data across imaging modalities- EEG and fMRI.  Soon we will be adding MEG through collaborations with other neuroscientists at UCSF.  All of my work is currently focused on schizophrenia.

Research Areas:

brain imaging (fMRI and EEG) in schizophrenia


brain imaging (fMRI and EEG) in schizophrenia

Campus Location: VAMC

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Neurosciences and Schizophrenia Fellowship


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