Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Grand Rounds


1/24/2014, 12:00 - 1:00 p.m.




Pamela Chu - Contact Information


Name: Suzan Song, MD, MPH, PhD(c)

Title: Medical Director, Child/adolescent & Adult Psychiatrist, Asian Americans for Community Involvement

Institution: Child/Adolescent Psychiatrist, Alternative Family Services, International child mental health and protection consultant, Columbia Group for Children in

Presentation: Consequences of War: Mental health and protection for displaced Syrian youth in Za'atari

Learning objectives:

1. Describe the environment of children in war 
2. Explain psychosocial stressors that may affect the mental well-being of children in conflict areas 
3. Discuss the effects of trauma on youth from war



Leadership in research, education, psychiatric care and public service