Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Grand Rounds


5/10/2013, 12PM-1PM




Pamela Chu - Contact Information


Name: Farshid Farrahi, MD, CAP-2, Psychiatry & Lilly Bellman, MD, PGY-1, Pediatrics

Presentation: Hallucinations in the "Magic Years”: How a Developmental Perspective Can Inform Our Understanding of Psychosis in Young Children


Name: Discussant: Lynn Ponton, MD, Director of Consultation-Liaison

This presentation is for a professional audience.

Learning objectives

 1. To review developmentally normative processes in the 3-6 yo age group with respect to imaginary/perceptual phenomena 

 2. To understand how stress and affectively-laden events may lead to the blurring of reality and fantasy 

 3. To highlight the importance of developmental considerations in the differential diagnosis of apparent hallucinations in this age group 


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