Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Grand Rounds


1/25/2013, 12PM-1PM




Pamela Chu - Contact Information


Name: Stephen Hinshaw, PhD

Title: Professor and Chair

Institution: Department of Psychology, UC Berkeley

Presentation: ADHD: Current research on policy, mechanisms, sex differences, and treatment

Learning Objectives:

  1. At the end of the presentation, learners will be aware of the current prevalence rates for ADHD and its treatments--and the vast regional differences across the US in such rates 
  2. Learners will understand the key models for understanding ADHD's underlying mechanisms: attention, response inhibition, executive functions, motivational 
  3. Learners will understand sex differences in the presentation of ADHD--and its long-term outcomes 
  4. Learners will understand the strengths and limitations of medication and behavioral interventions for ADHD


Leadership in research, education, psychiatric care and public service