Depression – Personalized Psychotherapy for Late Life Depression (CHR# 11-06634)


Do you have a patient over 60 years of age who is feeling down or depressed? Your patient may be eligible for a research pilot study evaluating a new form of treatment for depressed older adults. The treatment components we selected are evidence-based and selected to match the most common problems we see in older adults with depression. Underlying the therapeutic process is basic problem solving. Eligible participants will receive 9 weeks of the psychotherapy treatment and will participate in 3 assessment interviews where we will ask them questions about their mood, health, and quality of life, and they will also complete some cognitive tasks. All study procedures will take place at LPPI. Participants will be compensated $20 for the 2nd and 3rd assessment interviews for a total of $40. Our therapists will provide the treatment and will assess and monitor all participants throughout their participation. If a participant does not get better, or his or her depression worsens, we will intervene. If you are interested in referring potential participants and/or have additional questions about this study, please contact Sheila Pugh at or 415-476-7439.

Principal Investigators

Patricia A. Areán, PhD


Leadership in research, education, psychiatric care and public service