Healthy Mood Internet Intervention Research Project; Internet Intervention to Prevent Major Depressive Episodes


The purpose of the study is to estimate the percentage of participants using an online self-help mood management course who will complete online assessments at 1, 3, and 6 months when receiving either 1) email reminders + monetary online incentives, or 2) email reminders + monetary incentives + phone calls.

Study Design

The investigators will recruit 150 participants (half English-speaking and half Spanish-speaking) to use the Healthy Mood Management Project website online. In this part of the study the investigators will compare follow-up completion rates obtained by (email reminders + monetary incentives) versus (email reminders + monetary incentives + phone call follow-ups). All participants will get automatic email reminders with links to return to the study site to fill out FU surveys at 1, 3, and 6 months. All participants will also be offered monetary incentives that can be obtained online. In addition, half of the participants (chosen at random) will receive phone calls if they do not complete follow-up surveys online. This will allow us to determine whether the phone call follow-ups significantly improve follow-up rates.

The two groups to be compared are:

  • Email reminders + incentives
  • Email reminders + incentives + phone calls (to collect data if not done online)

Principal Investigators

Participant Requirements

Inclusion Criteria:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • Access to internet and email
  • Valid email addresss and valid phone number
  • Fluent or almost fluent in English or Spanish
  • Living in the United States
  • Other Criteria

Study Update

Recruitment is ongoing


You can click on the following link to visit the site for more information and to fill out the eligibility survey:

Contact Info

Ricardo F. Muñoz, PhD
(415) 206-5214


Leadership in research, education, psychiatric care and public service