Depression – Collaborative Psychotherapy for the Elderly with Depression (COPE-D) Project


We are enrolling volunteers 60 and older, depressed and have difficulty initiating, organizing and accomplishing daily tasks in a clinical trial that will compare the effectiveness of two psychotherapies. Both have shown early positive results on this combination of depression and executive functioning difficulties. Those who qualify for the NIMH-funded study will receive 12 weeks of free therapy.

Study Design

Referrals to the study will be screened for depression and executive dysfunction. Qualifying participants will be randomly assigned to either Problem Solving Therapy or Supportive Therapy. Patients will be evaluated for depression severity in research interviews prior to, during and following the course of treatment.

Principal Investigators

Patricia A. Areán, PhD

Participant Requirements

Persons eligible:
  • Are 60 or older
  • Are depressed, needing help coping with problems
  • Have difficulty getting started, staying organized or feeling apathetic
  • Speak English
  • Are not taking anti-depressants (or if unwilling/unadvisable to go off them)
  • Are not currently in regular therapy
  • Do not have a history of bipolar disorder, psychotic disorder or primary personality disorder


Participants receive a stipend of up to $230 by completing research questionnaires about mood, activities, memory and concentration.


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