Nicotine Addiction – Free Web-based Smoking Cessation Study (in English and Spanish)


Part of the Latino Mental Health Research Program, this online stop smoking study compares four methods to quit smoking via the Web using a randomized control trial design (that is, eligible participants are assigned at random to one of the four methods).

Study Design

Participants log on in English or Spanish to read about the study and fill out an eligibility questionnaire. Those who are eligible sign an informed consent form online and proceed to fill out the study questionnaires. After coming back on three separate days and recording the number of cigarettes they smoked on those days, they set their quit date and are assigned at random to one of the 4 online methods being tested. They are then contacted via email at 1, 3, 6, and 12 months to find out if they were able to stop smoking.

Principal Investigators

Participant Requirements

All visitors to the site have access to our Smoking Cessation Guide and Nicotine Replacement information, even if they decide not to participate in the study. To be eligible for the randomized trial participants must be smokers 18 years of age or older, have access to email, and be ready to quit smoking. The study materials are available in English and Spanish.


The study is available at no cost to the participant. There is no payment for participation.

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