Welcome from the Training Director

It is a great joy for me to join UCSF. This is a remarkable environment for training, patient care and education. I have long been aware of UCSF’s reputation and distinction as one of the finest medical centers in the world and, of course, a place that was home to some of the great traditions and leaders in child and adolescent psychiatry. In my few short months at UCSF, I have come to appreciate UCSF from a completely different perspective. Surely, it is a great medical center with extraordinary research, clinical service and training programs. But, unlike almost any other medical center in the world, it is making a major commitment to the Department of Psychiatry, including Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. This commitment is both intellectual and tangible in terms of space, faculty recruitment and resources for program development. Most recently, this began with the recruitment of Matthew State, MD, PhD as the Chair of the Department of Psychiatry. Dr. State is a very accomplished child and adolescent psychiatrist who is widely recognized for his scientific and leadership accomplishments – he was elected to the Institute of Medicine this year! Matt, along with the Dean and hospital officials are unabashedly committed to have strong clinical, research and training programs in child and adolescent psychiatry. And, I can see this commitment being fulfilled each and every day. These are remarkable times in child and adolescent psychiatry but they are going to be even more exciting at UCSF for our faculty and trainees.

We are eager to seek out the best candidates for training in child and adolescent psychiatry. We want you if you are eager, passionate, curious, hardworking and determined to learn how to be an excellent clinician in a scholarly environment that is attentive to the needs of its community. Our current faculty and trainees are ready as well as eager, passionate, hardworking and determined to train the best of the next generation of child and adolescent psychiatrists. We are excited to meet our next class of outstanding trainees.

It is a real privilege to return to where I started in child and adolescent psychiatry. I began my career as a training director and after taking a few twists and turns along the way, it is good to be so involved not only in training. We already have an excellent training program but it can always be better. Therefore, as our department goes through a comprehensive strategic planning process, we are exploring the best ways to improve our training programs in child and adolescent psychiatry. As with our research, we are examining evidence-based practices and where the evidence does not exist, we are preparing to create it. Faculty and trainee committees are carefully assessing all the elements of our training program. And, we are collaborating with colleagues from outside the Department such areas as UCSF Developmental Pediatrics and Psychology at UC Berkeley. This will be an iterative process that will take place over the course of the next several years. We look forward to having our new faculty and trainees join in this process.

One of the changes already instituted is in our interviewing process. We have three interview days scheduled in the fall. They are all on Thursdays. We are also providing a completely optional time on Fridays to tour our training sites, attend conferences and visit laboratories at UCSF. When selected for interview, please let us know if you would like to take advantage of this optional visit time.

While much is changing in UCSF Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, we will carefully maintain our strengths and traditions. Among these strengths is an openness and flexibility for trainees to ask and pursue important questions and, with the faculty, to create training opportunities that meet their needs. We look forward to your questions and to hearing about your creative ideas. If you have questions, now, please feel free to contact me and, of course, we look forward to speaking with you during our interviews.

Bennett L. Leventhal, MD
Director, UCSF Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Training Program
Deputy Director, UCSF Child and Adolescent Psychiatry